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300+ continuous years baking and milling experience

The first Matthaei Bakery opened in Marburg, Germany in 1686. Over the next 300 years, the Matthaei family immigrated to the United States; opened bakeries in Kansas City and Tacoma, Wash.; built Roman Meal Milling Company into a national brand; and pivoted to milling and blending. Today fifth generation CEO W. Peter Matthaei steers the family of companies, which includes Dakota Specialty Milling, Dakota Blenders and Roman Meal International.
In 2022 the decision was made to rename the company DakotaMB, with the “MB” being a nod to the company’s core focus of milling and blending.

Baking is in our DNA, literally and figuratively. 

Here are some of the highlights from our extensive history.

Roman Meal Debuts

Dr. Robert Jackson formulates Roman Meal Health Meal, a whole grain mix inspired by the legions of ancient Rome who survived on a daily ration of two pounds of wheat or rye.
Roman Meal Company is formed to keep up with the growing demand for healthy, whole grain foods.
William P. Matthaei purchased Roman Meal Company and used his baking expertise to create Roman Meal Bread, one of the first multi-grain breads available in the United States.
Although the company sold the Roman Meal trademarks for North America for breads, buns and rolls in 2015, the Roman Meal brand is thriving globally in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and South Korea. DakotaMB supplies the whole grain mixes used to produce these global Roman Meal breads.

A New Era of Supplying the Baking Industry

Charles W. H. Matthaei opened the first Roman Meal Milling mill in Fargo to supply whole grain blends for Roman Meal breads and hot cereals.
Roman Meal Milling became a stand-alone company (vs. a division of Roman Meal Co.) and opened a second mill in 1990, enabling it to supply the broader grain foods industry.
Roman Meal Milling Company changed its name to Dakota Specialty Milling to avoid confusion and identify its business and location for a growing and diverse customer base in the grain foods industry.
Dakota Specialty Milling acquires CHP Blenders in St. Louis, a bakery blend manufacturer specializing in the cake, muffin, donut, pizza and biscuit markets.

Roman Meal company celebrates its 100th Anniversary.
Dakota Specialty Milling celebrates 50 years of business in Fargo.
Dakota Specialty Milling and Dakota Blenders join to form DakotaMB, a dedicated supplier of value-added grains, multi-grain blends, bases, functional mixes, granola, toppings and more.

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