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Support Services

A Supportive Partner, From an Idea to Manufacturing

DakotaMB (Milling & Blending) knows the products we supply only tell part of the story. What makes a true difference in our customer relationships is the support we provide them throughout the product development and product manufacturing process.

We’re here for our customers, whether that’s simply to answer an email or phone call, or to visit their facility to ensure finished product consistency. We’re always available, we’re always friendly and we’re always efficient. That’s what being a good partner means.
Product Development Support
DakotaMB’s product development support team helps bakeries and food manufacturers develop formulations that reflect and support their unique offerings. Our research and development teams are well-versed in the dynamics of whole grain ingredients, blends and toasted ingredients. They also understand how DakotaMB products react in differing baking and manufacturing environments. We work directly with our customers to ensure product consistency and satisfaction not just in our facility, but in their bakery or food processing facility.
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Manufacturing Support
Once a formula is designed, our cereal chemists, millers and blenders ensure product quality and adherence to grain and ingredient specifications. We provide support materials including certificates of analysis, nutritional data and requested laboratory testing information. Our HACCP program adheres to strict manufacturing and laboratory requirements to ensure product and manufacturing integrity.
Distribution and Delivery
DakotaMB has a coordinated product distribution and delivery network that supports clear communication and on-time delivery for products.

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