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Ingredient Solutions for Food Processors

The food industry is constantly changing to satisfy the latest consumer cravings. Preferences have shifted from comfort foods to better-for-you offerings to pure indulgence and then back again, and it’s getting more difficult for food processors to stay ahead of the game.

That’s why it’s essential for food processors to partner with suppliers such as DakotaMB, which collaborates with its customers to assist in new product development projects that satisfy the latest consumer food trends. Our extensive line of products and ingredients have applications in diverse product categories ranging from puddings to French fries to beverages.

Ingredients and Products for Food Processors
Value-Added Grains
A wide assortment of traditional, ancient and gluten-free grains specialty milled for food processors to use in applications ranging from french fries to yogurts.
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Jump-start your food formulations with our expertly blended bases of ingredients such as milk and egg replacers, spice blends and high-fiber products.
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DakotaMB offers starch-based and gluten-free coatings and batters for food processors.
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Functional Mixes
We collaborate with customers to develop pulse- and grain-based mixes for beverages, pudding, corn dog coatings and more.
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Toasted granola blends used by the dairy industry in packaged yogurts.
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Expertly milled pulses, including dried beans, chickpeas / garbanzo beans, and peas / lentils, available for use in frozen and prepared entrees, dried foods and more.
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Enhance any food with our clean-label, cereal-grain based toppings that are toasted immediately after milling.
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DakotaMB offers an array of gluten-free ingredients and products, all manufactured in our dedicated gluten-free facility.
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