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Plant-Based Foods

Ingredient Solutions for Plant-Based Food Manufacturers

The booming popularity of the plant-based food industry has opened new avenues for cereal grains and pulses to serve as texture and flavor enhancers in everything from plant-based hamburger patties to egg-free egg substitutes.

With DakotaMB’s (Milling & Blending) experience in specialty milling of grains and pulses, as well as our exceptional research and development team, we can collaborate with any food or beverage manufacturer to provide ingredients that make plant-based foods taste like the real thing.

Ingredients and Products for the Plant-Based Food Industry
Value-Added Grains

A wide assortment of traditional, ancient and gluten-free grains specialty milled for plant-based food processors.

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Expertly milled pulses, including dried beans, chickpeas / garbanzo beans, and peas / lentils, available to provide texture to plant-based foods.
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DakotaMB offers starch-based and gluten-free coatings and batters for plant-based protein alternatives.
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