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Ingredient Solutions for Snack Food Manufacturers

DakotaMB (Milling & Blending) has been at the forefront of the evolving snack food category. Once dominated by potato chips and popcorn, consumers have started seeking alternative products that have expanded the snack category to include everything from toasted pulses to salmon jerky.

The expansion of the snack category has been driven by better-for-you grains and pulses. It’s now common to see ancient grain salty snacks share shelf space with potato chips. It’s also common to see snacks using pulse flours to provide gluten-free snackers with a delicious option. DakotaMB collaborates with snack food manufacturers to develop products that satisfy consumer cravings for diverse and more healthy offerings.

Ingredients and Products for the Snack Food Industry
Value-Added Grains

An assortment of traditional, ancient and gluten-free grains specialty milled for snack food manufacturers to use in better-for-you snack options. 

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Expertly milled pulses, including dried beans, chickpeas / garbanzo beans, and peas / lentils, available for use in pulse flour-based snacks. 

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Toasted granola blends, ranging from complete formulas to grain-free enhancements for your existing snack products.

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DakotaMB supplies snack-food manufacturers with gluten-free ingredients and products, all manufactured in our dedicated gluten-free facility.

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