DakotaMB (Milling and Blending) Custom milling, blending and toasting for the baking and food industries


DakotaMB (Milling & Blending) has more than 50 years of experience in specialty milling, custom blending and toasting a variety of cereal grains, pulses and specialty ingredients for the baking, snack and food industries. We customize almost everything that leaves our loading docks, and collaborate with food manufacturers on product development projects. 

Explore our offerings in the following categories. 

Value-Added Grains
Buckwheat on spoon

Value-added grains, multi-grain blends, bases and mixes

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Multi-Grain Blends

A variety of grain blends available in course, hearty and smooth textures.

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Loaf of wheat bread and grain

Base blends and concentrates for breads, consisting of leaveners, dough conditioners, baking powders and more.

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Functional Mixes

Customized mixes for cakes, muffins, pizzas, biscuits and more.

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Bowl of garbanzo beans

Dried beans, chickpeas / garbanzo, and peas / lentils.

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Complete formulas or product supplements available.

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Toasted toppings for bakery foods.

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Pile of french fries

Starch-based and gluten-free coatings and batters.

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Bowl of pasta

Dedicated gluten-free milling facility

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