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Similar to amaranth, buckwheat is often mistaken as a cereal grain, but in reality, it’s a pseudo-cereal that’s not related to wheat at all, despite its name. Buckwheat has unique, triangular-shaped seeds and is known for its bold, nutty flavor.

Buckwheat is produced throughout the United States, with major growing regions in New York, Pennsylvania and our home state of North Dakota. In addition to providing seeds for food products, Buckwheat also is an outstanding cover crop and forage for honey bees.

Buckwheat flour’s nutty flavor pairs perfectly with a variety of bakery foods, and buckwheat cuts can be used to provide texture to granola bars, cookies and more

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Applications & Inspiration

Gluten-Free Pancakes

Plate of buckwheat pancakes

Buckwheat flour has become a leading gluten-free ingredient in a variety of foods, including frozen pancakes

Granola and Cereal

Jar of granola

Buckwheat cuts are the perfect addition to grain-free granolas and cereals.


Plate of soba noodles

Popular Japanese-style noodles, such as soba, are made with buckwheat flour.

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