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From whiskey to bread, rye is a cereal grass that’s closely related to barley and wheat. Its earthy, slightly sweet flavor is instantly recognizable.

Rye may have been one of the first cereal crops to be cultivated throughout the world, with some estimates dating back 13,000 years ago. In the United States, North Dakota leads production with Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Minnesota following.

Rye is a rich source of protein, dietary fiber, B vitamins and niacin. This nutrition profile, plus its flavor, make rye flour, rye cuts and rye flakes popular throughout the baking and food industry.

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Applications & Inspiration


Hot cereal in bowl

Hot and cold cereal both benefit from the earthy flavor and exceptional texture of rye cuts and flakes. 


Rye bread on cutting board

Rye cuts and flakes for whole grain breads, rye flour for, well, rye bread! This versatile cereal grain delivers flavor and texture to countless bakery foods.



Looking to distinguish your cookies? Use rye flour to impart a dynamic, nutty complexity to these sweet treats.

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