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Wheat is a cereal grain considered a staple food across the world. Wheat contains gluten proteins, which have historically been important in making a variety of foods worldwide. DakotaMB (Milling & Blending) offers different formats of wheat, including cuts, flakes and flours.

Wheat is grown throughout the United States, including North Dakota, Kansas and throughout the heartland of America. Flaked and Cut wheat feature predominantly in our standard multi-grain blends, while whole wheat flour can be used in a variety of bakery foods, snacks and cereals.

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Applications & Inspiration

Whole Wheat Bread

Loaf of wheat bread and grain

Whole wheat breads continue to grow in popularity as consumers look to include more whole grain goodness in their diets.

Multi-Grain Blend

Variety of grains

Pick your number of grains, just make sure to include wheat! Our wheat cuts and flakes are key to any multi-grain blend.


Wheat flakes

Our sweet wheat flakes are the perfect topper to any sweet good.

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