DakotaMB (Milling and Blending) Custom milling, blending and toasting for the baking and food industries


Toasted Grains and Pulses for Bakeries and Food Processors

Toasting makes everything better. Just ask our customers who buy an assortment of toasted grains and pulses from us to use in everything from cereals to granola to toppings.

Need toasted quinoa to give your confectionery product a crunch? We can handle that. What about a toasted wheat flake to add texture to a donut topping? DakotaMB can do that as well. We offer a variety of toasted products, including:
Vanilla Granola
DakotaMB offers custom and standard toasted granola made with a blend of whole rolled oats, toasted wheat flakes and brown sugar or honey.
Crunch Toppings
DakotaMB offers topping blends that add texture to donuts, cakes and other bakery foods.

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