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4 Granola Trends Elevating the Breakfast and Snack Categories

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Granola has always been the ultimate grab-and-go snack, but in today’s market the granola category has expanded beyond hikers. The yearly growth rate for granola consumption is almost 20%, and the versatility of granola is showcased in a number of ways, from yogurt and donut toppings to cereal to bars to individually-packaged grab-and-go snack packs.

DakotaMB develops value-added granola for the food industry, and we are experts in working directly with R&D teams to develop proprietary granola blends based on our customer’s desired product attributes. 

Roasting Capabilities Make Granola Better

We use an assortment of toasted grains in our granola products, as well as offering a standard toasted granola made with a blend of whole rolled oats, toasted wheat flakes and brown sugar or honey. The toasted grains we work with include:

  • Barley
  • Oats
  • Rye
  • Spelt
  • Triticale
  • Wheat

What’s Trending in Granola

  1. Flavor combinations: Trending granola-related fusions on the rise include fruit juice, cake, coffee and granola bars. There truly is no boundary when it comes to granola flavors anymore, and we’re seeing our toasted grains mixed with a combination of dried fruits, candy, seeds and nuts.
  2. Functionality: Similar to other food categories, consumers are looking for added protein. We’ve seen many manufacturers tinker with granola ingredients to hit specific targets such as 4 grams of protein per serving. Fiber also is another functional attribute we’re seeing as a focus for consumers. Our R&D team works with granola companies to develop a custom blend to meet specific attributes. 
  3. Gluten-Free: This category continues to grow, and we have an assortment of ancient grains as well as oats that can be used in a delicious gluten-free granola. 
  4. Portability: The snackification of America is going strong, and with consumers turning to granolas to nosh on during the day — even as meal replacements — the need for on-the-go containers and convenience is paramount. No one needs less mess than kids, and some of the most innovative granola packaging we’ve seen on the market is targeted at kids.

There’s no better time than now to get into the granola category. It’s versatile, convenient, functional, nutritious and tasty. Contact us to tap into the granola market.

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