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Quinoa is a flowering plant that is part of the amaranth family. It’s a pseudo-cereal of round, disc-shaped seeds in either white, red or black color. This ancient grain delivers a bold, earthy flavor.

Quinoa predominantly grows in South America, mainly Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina. In the United States, farmers have started growing quinoa around the Rocky Mountains at elevations between 7,000 and 10,000 feet.

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Applications & Inspiration


Bowl of quinoa cereal

Quinoa can be milled into flakes, making it the perfect addition to grain-free granolas.

Gluten-Free Pizza

Gluten free pizza on cutting board

Quinoa flour is an exceptional ingredient to use in gluten-free pizza crusts, where it can be used in combination with other gluten-free flours to provide a desirable crumb.


Bowl of soup

Quinoa flour is a clean-label thickening agent that can be used in sauces and soups.

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