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Oats are having a moment in the food industry as this cereal grain gains popularity beyond the oatmeal aisle and finds itself used in everything from whole grain breads to plant-based coffee creamers. The reason? Oats are really healthy with the ability to have cholesterol-lowering effects.

Oats were first cultivated in the Fertile Crescent almost 5,000 years ago. Drive through North Dakota and you’ll see countless fields of oats. In fact, our hometown state is the leader in oat production in the United States.

Oats are one of the most popular cereal grains worldwide and their nutrient profile plus mild, pleasant flavor makes them an excellent whole grain choice for countless bakery and food products.

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Applications & Inspiration


Bowl of granola and oats

Use heart-healthy oats as the basis of your better-for-you line of granola or granola toppings.


Want a more dynamic flavor? Try oat flour. Need a more appealing texture? Try oat flakes. This versatile cereal ingredient is perfect for all bread formulas. 

Plant-Based Dairy 

Oat milk

Dairy without the cow? It’s possible with oat milk, and consumers have responded positively to oat milk, creamers and more!

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