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Triticale is a hybrid grain produced by crossbreeding rye and wheat. The grain has been crossbred to combine wheat’s quality and yield with rye’s environmental tolerances. In terms of flavor, triticale shares more in common with wheat, and possesses wheat-like flavors with more nuttiness.

Triticale is grown in the West, Midwest and Southeast as a feed grain, for forage and as a grain for the food industry.

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Applications & Inspiration

Bakery Foods


In most bakery food formulas, triticale can be used as a partial substitute for wheat flour when a nuttier taste is desired.


Bowl of cereal

Flaked triticale is the perfect grain addition to any hot or cold breakfast cereal. 


Glasses of bourbon

Can’t decide between a wheated or rye bourbon? Use triticale and have them both and tempt consumers with a unique spirit.

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