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The first thing to know about amaranth is it’s not actually a grain. Instead, it’s called a pseudo-cereal because it’s actually a tiny, round seed. Despite this, it’s still considered an ancient grain and delivers a complex, peppery flavor to a variety of products.

Amaranth is grown all over the world, from Peru and Mexico to China. In the United States, amaranth is grown in the Great Plains and Midwest states. The crop grows tall and features colorful grain heads that produce the tiny seeds used in food products.

Amaranth is commonly used by the baking industry as part of gluten-free flour formulations. It also can be used in snack foods to add texture, or used as an alternative to rice in a variety of dishes.

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Applications & Inspiration

Ancient Grain Crackers

Bowl of crackers

Amaranth provides texture and taste in better-for-you cracker formulations made with other ancient grains, such as millet, sorghum and quinoa.

Gluten-Free Breads

Amaranth flour can be used in combination with other gluten-free flours in a gluten-free bread or roll product.

Energy Bars

Vegan granola bars

Amaranth flakes are the perfect topping or textural addition to granola and energy bars.

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