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Functional Ingredient Solutions for Clean Label Sweet Goods

Clean label sweet goods have been gaining momentum over the past few years, thanks to consumers who are more conscious about their health and well being. Manufacturers are responding by offering more transparency about ingredients and processes they use, a direct result of a few key trends: 

  1. Minimal and recognizable ingredients. Sweet goods made with simple, recognizable, natural ingredients without the use of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or additives are high in demand. Consumers are seeking sweets made from ingredients they can recognize and pronounce. This means fewer artificial ingredients and more use of whole, natural ingredients. 
  2. Plant-based ingredients. The shift toward plant-based diets is also influencing the sweet goods category. Dairy-free and egg-free alternatives that use grains and pulses are being used more frequently. Furthermore, plant-based proteins and fibers are being added to enhance the nutritional profile of these goods.
  3. Gluten-free and grain-free options. With the rise in gluten intolerance and sensitivity, as well as the popularity of diets like paleo and keto, there's an increasing demand for gluten-free and grain-free sweet goods. Alternative flours like barley and chickpea are gaining traction.
  4. Sugar reduction. There's a significant push toward reducing sugar content in sweet goods. Manufacturers are exploring various techniques, such as using natural sweeteners like stevia, or employing flavor-enhancing ingredients that can help lower the overall sugar content without sacrificing taste.
  5. Sustainability. There's a growing trend toward sustainable sourcing and packaging. Consumers are choosing brands that align with their values, including support for fair trade, organic farming and reduction of plastic waste.
  6. Innovative flavors. Consumers still crave novelty and unique experiences through their sweet good choices. This is leading to the use of unusual flavor combinations, ethnic or exotic flavors, and seasonal or limited edition releases.

The DakotaMB Solution

DakotaMB specializes in producing a variety of flours, mixes and baked goods for commercial and industrial use. We offer a range of products, including clean label mixes for sweet goods. Our clean label sweet good mix selection is a solution to the growing consumer demand for quality, simplicity and transparency in clean label sweet goods. 

We produce specialty flours and grains that can be used in a wide range of pre-batched functional mixes for products like our No. 1 seller: creme cakes. Our customers choose minimally processed ingredients that fit clean label criteria like:

  • Oats: Rolled oats, quick oats and oat flour is used in a variety of sweet good applications like sweet breads. 
  • Cornmeal: A coarse flour made from grinding dried corn kernels, our cornmeal is offered in different clean label varieties like whole grain, degermed and gluten-free. Designed to be used in a variety of breads, muffins, pancakes and cornbread.
  • Barley Flour: We mill barley grains into barley flour to add flavor and texture to bakery foods. A little bit of barley flour can impart flavor and a tender crumb in muffins and sweet breads. Barley flour helps develop a sturdier waffle with an exceptional flavor profile, and when used with wheat or rye flour, barley flour showcases a nutty flavor and chewy texture in cookies. 
  • Whole Wheat/Organic Whole Wheat Flour: Made from whole grains and have no added ingredients. Can be used to make a variety of sweet treats like muffins, cookie doughs, brownie mixes and cakes that are both delicious and wholesome. 

Grain-Based Toppings

We also mill and blend clean-label grain-based toppings from a variety of cereal grains and pulses for sweet good applications.

  • Doughnut Toppings: Make any doughnut premium with a blend of flaked grains to add texture and taste.
  • Cake Toppings: Decorate and enhance the texture of any cake (our creme cake blend is one of our more popular items) or sweet good with a blend of toasted flaked grains.

By choosing clean label sweet good ingredients from DakotaMB, you can feel good about the quality and simplicity of the baked goods you're serving to your customers. Offer your customers a product that meets the demand for healthier, clean label options.

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