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This Just In: Cereal Trends

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It’s impossible to think of breakfast without thinking of cereal. For decades, cereal has been a mainstay meal in homes around the world, and it only continues to grow in popularity. So, what’s new in this food category that is so big it has its own supermarket aisle?

Cereal is an all-day food

Cereal is a breakfast mainstay, but any college student or single guy will tell you that it also makes a great lunch. Or dinner. Or snack. Cereal is easy, it’s tasty and, for many consumers, it’s a comfort food. Who doesn’t like harkening back to their childhood with a bowl of sugary goodness? Cereal knows no timetable; cereal is delicious all day.

Consumers love nostalgia

The older we get, the more drawn we are to nostalgia — listening to the music we liked in high school, shaking our heads over kids wearing “our” old fashions, and indulging in our favorite childhood cereals. There’s a comfort in it, and no one knows that better than cereal manufacturers. By tugging on consumers’ heartstrings, they capitalize on our love of nostalgia and desire to relive it.

Balancing flavor and functionality

Though most consumers enjoy a bowl of sugary cereal now and then, most adults lean toward more nutritious cereals that provide nutrients like protein without sacrificing taste. It’s important for manufacturers to consider both taste and functionality and develop products that strike a balance.

Innovation is essential

Over the years, cereal manufacturers have been able to expand upon their current offerings by taking old favorites and giving them a new spin. For example, oatmeal has been a breakfast mainstay for decades. Over the years, oats have been used in granola, bread and even plant-based dairy products. 


These days, many consumers intentionally look for products that meet sustainability standards. It’s not quite as important as flavor, but for some shoppers, it may help them make up their minds on whether or not to purchase a product. Consider sustainable packaging, ingredient sourcing, and recycling or upcycling when developing a sustainable product.

Good, old-fashioned fun

We’re all kids at heart; some days, adults just want to tuck in to a bowl of sugary, marshmallow cereal, talk like a leprechaun and pretend they’re 8 years old again. Never underestimate the importance of fun — new flavors, new gimmicks and new products.

DakotaMB cereal ingredient solutions

These days, most cereals are made with whole grain solutions. DakotaMB is a leading supplier of whole grain ingredients specially milled for cereals: 

  • Our value-added grains can be milled into cuts and flakes for hot and cold cereals.
  • Specially milled pulses, including dried beans, chickpeas and peas/lentils are available for hot and cold cereals.
  • We offer granola blends for hot and cold cereals and other granola products.
  • DakotaMB’s gluten-free ingredients are all manufactured in a gluten-free facility.

Learn more about ingredient solutions for cereal manufacturers.

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