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DakotaMB Functional Mixes and Bases Level Up Bakery Food Formulations

When it comes to commercial baking, the goal is to make everything as easy, efficient and consistent as possible. Measuring each ingredient separately takes time and leaves a lot of room for error, even with an automated ingredient handling system. The smallest deviation, whether it’s ingredients that aren’t mixed as well from one batch to another or inconsistent amounts of ingredients added, can make a big difference in your output.

One way to save time, keep costs down, and ensure product consistency and output is to use functional mixes and bases as part of the baking process. Mixes and bases help to simplify commercial baking and are designed for ease of use. Not only do they streamline formulation and allow for consistent results, they simplify the inventory process and produce less waste, saving you time and money in the long run.

DakotaMB has the experience and know-how to select and properly blend ingredients based on our customers’ needs. We provide ready-made and custom-made functional mixes and bases that match your unique requirements, whether that means adding special ingredients; adhering to special circumstances like gluten free, vegan, organic, etc.; or staying on top of industry trends like complete proteins, no added sugars and more. Read on for more information about why DakotaMB’s mixes and bases are the right solution for your baking needs.

Functional Mixes: Mixes are similar to the boxed mixes you might see at a supermarket, but on a larger scale. They typically contain all or most of your dry ingredients, particularly flour, whether it is whole wheat, an ancient grain, a pulse or a blend. Mixes eliminate the need to measure and mix each ingredient separately, ensuring accurate ingredient amounts and more even distribution. DakotaMB produces Functional Mixes for Commercial Bakeries in a variety of formulas, and we work with manufacturers and bakeries to develop customizable mixes with unique ingredients.

Bases: Typically, bases do not contain flour. They are pre-measured packs of ingredients that are added to flour, like leavening agents, starches, salt, enzymes and flavors. When working with bases, it is still up to the baker to measure the flour and add the base, blend carefully, and add liquid ingredients. DakotaMB’s Bases for Commercial Bakeries enhance the texture, appearance and taste of your products. We work with our customers to source products and build a unique formula to ensure their success.

At DakotaMB, we source ingredients and customize products for our customers, saving you time and money, ensuring product consistency, and eliminating the question marks that can come with individual weights and measures. Learn more about our Functional Mixes and Bases for commercial bakeries.

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