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Ingredient Spotlight: Oats - Cuts, Flakes and Flours

Rolled oats in a wooden bowl with fresh blueberries, sprig of mint and honey at the background

Whole grain oats are more popular than ever! Take a stroll down any aisle at the supermarket and you’ll see their influence: cereals, breads and even milks are being made with oats. The reason? Oats are good for you!

Oats are a gluten-free whole grain that are covered in an inedible hull. Once the hull is removed, oats can be processed in a variety of ways. DakotaMB's specialty milled oats are available in three different forms: steam-rolled flakes, cut or cracked grains, and flour.

  • Flakes: oats that are steamed and rolled into a flake
  • Cuts: oats that have been pressed or cut until the grains crack, transforming the grain into a smaller size that enhances texture
  • Flour: oats that have been milled into a flour

Heart-healthy whole grain oats have a mild, pleasant flavor and appealing texture that make them perfect for granola and granola toppings, bread formulas, and plant-based dairy products like milks and creamers. Popular types of oats include:

  • Oat groats: whole, intact oat kernels
  • Steel-cut or Irish oats: oats that have been sliced with a steel blade into tiny pieces
  • Scottish oats: similar to steel-cut/Irish oats; they’re made by milling groats, rather than slicing them
  • Rolled or old-fashioned oats: made by steaming groats and flattening them with a roller
  • Quick-cooking oats: processed the same way as old-fashioned oats, but rolled thinner and sliced finer
  • Instant oats: microwaveable packets for a quick, easy breakfast
  • Plant-based dairy: oat milks, creamers and more

Learn more about DakotaMB’s custom blended, milled and toasted oats, as well as applications for oats throughout the baking and food industries.

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