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Better-for-you Salty Snacks: Crackers

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Salty snacks have an undeniable appeal. The combination of crunch and flavor creates a sensory experience that’s hard to resist. Crackers have been satisfying cravings for generations: Whether you’re developing classic salted or gourmet artisanal crackers, the world of salty crackers is as diverse as it is delicious. 

At DakotaMB, we are proud to be part of better-for-you salty cracker development. Join us in celebrating this unique product, and explore the endless possibilities in the world of salty snacking. 

The Allure of Salty Snacks

Salty snacks have an undeniable appeal. The combination of crunch and flavor creates a sensory experience that’s hard to resist. In fact, Circana’s research for the Eye Opener Session at Sweets & Snacks Expo showed that cracker sales have shown positive sales movement, at an 8.2% growth rate. What is it about salty snacks that makes them so irresistible?

1.) Flavor Enhancement

Salt is a natural flavor enhancer. It brings out the natural flavors of the ingredients and adds a savory note that tantalizes the taste buds. This is why salty snacks like chips, pretzels and popcorn are perennial favorites. 

2.) Textural Delight

The crunchiness of salty snacks is another key factor in their appeal. The satisfying sound and texture of biting into a crispy chip or cracker is a sensory delight that adds to the overall enjoyment of the snack. This can be enhanced when a combination of whole grains is used.

3.) Versatility

Salty snacks come in a wide range of flavors and forms. From classic potato chips and whole grain pretzels to innovative options like seaweed snacks and bean chips, there’s something for everyone. This versatility ensures that salty snacks remain a popular choice for any occasion.

The Rise of Gourmet Crackers

In recent years, there has been a significant shift toward more artisanal and gourmet options in the salty snacking category, particularly in the world of crackers. Gourmet crackers have become a staple at parties, wine tastings and gourmet cheese boards. Let’s explore what makes these crackers so special.

1.) Quality Ingredients

Gourmet crackers often feature high-quality, natural ingredients. From whole grains and seeds to herbs and spices, these ingredients not only enhance the flavor but also add nutritional value to the crackers. Instead of crackers made primarily with traditional wheat flour, try versions made from ancient grains such as millet, quinoa and more. These ancient grains contain healthy fiber and protein that are essential to a balanced diet. Bonus: most are also gluten-free. DakotaMB’s value-added grains come in whole grain, whole flake, rolled flake, quick flake and cut form, depending on your formula.

2.) Unique Flavors

Gourmet crackers are known for their unique and sophisticated flavor profiles. Combinations like rosemary and olive oil, black pepper and parmesan, or even fig and walnut offer a gourmet twist on traditional crackers, making them a perfect pairing for cheeses, dips and spreads. Circana took the salty cracker flavor combination one step further — by adding heat, cheese or barbeque to the formula. Product developers are using everything from spicy sweet chili to honey to cheddar cheese to wow consumers. 

3.) Craftsmanship

The artisanal approach to making gourmet crackers involves traditional methods and a focus on craftsmanship. This results in crackers that are not only delicious but also have a unique texture and appearance, making them a standout addition to any snack platter, especially during specific snacking occasions. For example, Circana reported that cracker sales jumped during Easter in the adults over 18 demographic, making it a top skewing category in the past several years. 

DakotaMB: Your Partner in Snack Innovation

At DakotaMB, we understand the importance of quality and innovation in the snack industry. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality ingredients and blends to help you create the perfect salty snacks and gourmet crackers.

We source the finest ingredients to ensure that your snacks are not only delicious but also meet the highest standards of quality. From premium grains to legumes, our ingredients are carefully selected to enhance your products. Browse DakotaMB’s selection of value-added grains, including whole grains, gluten-free options and more.

We also have state-of-the-art blending facilities that allow us to create custom blends that meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to develop a new flavor of chips or an innovative gourmet cracker, our team of experts is here to help you bring your vision to life.

DakotaMB provides expert custom blending, specialty milling and toasting services for a variety of products, including bases, functional mixes, multigrain blends and more to help you craft the perfect, better-for-you cracker. We’re here to support your journey to crunchy, savory perfection.

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